11 inch Kin Kikokuryu koi fish
11" kin kikokuryu koi fish for side view
Goldorado Aquatics

Kin Kikokuryu 10" [KOI-KIKO-21-01]

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Species: Cyprinus carpio
Sex: Unknown
ID Code: KOI-KIKO-21-01
A Kin Kikokuryu around 10 inches. A relatively recent breed of koi. Similar to Showa Sanshoku, the sumi/black on the Kin Kikokuryu may fade when stressed or shipped, but this is normal and will return to normal once the fish acclimates. The sumi/black like Kumonryu will change during different seasons, and as the fish ages. Please view the video in the highest quality for the best representation of the fish.
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