Image of a Kin Kikokuryu koi fish. A metallic scaleless tri colored koi fish consisting of gold, black, and white.
Image of a group of Tancho koi fish. Each fish has a distinctive round pattern on the head defining it as a tancho.
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Tancho Kikokuryu 5"

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Species: Cyprinus carpio
Size: (5")
Sex: Unknown
Meaning "gold radiant black dragon", the Kin Kikokuryu is a relatively new breed of koi to enter the market. This advanced breed of koi is a descendant of a cross between the Kumonryu and Kin Showa line. Like its base breed Kumonryu, the sumi/black coloration of the Kikokuryu is very unusable and easily fades, disappears, or change drastically depending on stress, temperature, PH, or for unexplainable reasons. Tancho is a broad term used to describe koi from all different breeds all sharing one thing in common, a round circle pattern on the head reminiscent of the Japanese flag.
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