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Japanese Rice Fish (Oryzias latipes)

Japanese Rice Fish (Oryzias latipes)

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Species: Oryzias latipes var.
Common Name: Japanese Rice Fish, Southern Medaka, Ornamental Rice Fish
Maximum Size: 1-1.5"

The Japanese rice fish or medaka is a small shoaling species from the order of fish Beloniforms. Despite their close physical appearance to killifish, the rice fish are not related at all, but are more closer saltwater species like flying fish and sauries. Commonly found in all fish stores across Japan, rice fish are the beginner fish of Japan for children and adults alike. These medaka, much like nishikigoi and goldfish are selectively bred for colors not found in the wild.

They are an egg laying species as they carry their sticky eggs on their anal fin and attach them to plants, wood, or spawning mops; they will readily breed almost daily especially in the tropical temperatures of 75-80° F provided they are properly fed.

Japanese rice fish can tolerate both freshwater and saltwater (Although we recommend keeping them in freshwater, at most brackish), and can potentially survive in temperatures as low as 50° F and as high as 90° F, although it is best to keep them around 65-75° F and prolonged exposure to extremes can potentially lead to shortened lifespans or death.

There is also a Japanese rice fish of a different species known as the northern medaka (Oryzias sakaizumii) originally considered to be the same as O. latipes but has since been classified as a separate species due to genetic differences; there is little physical distinction between the two.

  • Availability of rice fish will depend on the availability of a vacant pond during spawning season.
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